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Welcome to PodSnacks, a podcast series that provides fortifying nuggets of information for telecommunications professionals on the go. Inaugurated on January 1, 2007, the series is inspired by the wide array of questions our instructors face in the classroom every day.

If you have a term or concept you would like to have explained in a short audio format, send a note to and we'll add your request to our schedule!

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PodSnack | 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE)
PodSnack | 10BASE-F
PodSnack | 10BASE-T
PodSnack | 100BASE-T


PodSnack | 800 service
PodSnack | 802.11a
PodSnack | 802.11b
PodSnack | 802.11g
PodSnack | 802.11i
PodSnack | 802.11n


PodSnack | Add/drop multiplexer (ADM)
PodSnack | Addressing
PodSnack | Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
PodSnack | Administrative distance
PodSnack | Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase
PodSnack | Amplitude modulation (AM)
PodSnack | Amplitude shift keying (ASK) and frequency shift keying (FSK)
PodSnack | Analog
PodSnack | Application Layer
PodSnack | Application Services Layer
PodSnack | Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)
PodSnack | Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 (ADSL2)
PodSnack | Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)
PodSnack | Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
PodSnack | ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL)
PodSnack | ATM cell size
PodSnack | ATM VC types
PodSnack | Attenuation
PodSnack | Authentication
PodSnack | Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)


PodSnack | Backup data center
PodSnack | Back office application
PodSnack | Bandwidth
PodSnack | Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
PodSnack | BECN vs. FECN
PodSnack | BGP and YouTube
PodSnack | Binary Eight Zero Substitution (B8ZS) vs. Zero Code Suppression (ZCS)
PodSnack | Bit
PodSnack | Bitmap
PodSnack | Bit rate
PodSnack | Blog
PodSnack | Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
PodSnack | Bridging vs. Switching
PodSnack | Broadcast, multicast, and unicast
PodSnack | Browser
PodSnack | Business continuity planning (BCP)
PodSnack | Byte


PodSnack | Cable modem
PodSnack | Carrier Ethernet
Podsnack | Certificate
Podsnack | Certificate authority and their root certificates
PodSnack | Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
PodSnack | Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) vs. Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
PodSnack | Central office switch
PodSnack | Channel service unit (CSU) and data service unit (DSU)
PodSnack | Chained layers
PodSnack | Circuit switching
PodSnack | Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
PodSnack | Class of service (CoS) vs. quality of service (QoS)
PodSnack | Client/server vs. Peer-to-peer (P2P)
PodSnack | Code division multiple access (CDMA)
PodSnack | Codec
PodSnack | Committed access rate (CAR)
PodSnack | Committed information rate (CIR)
PodSnack | Community antenna television (CATV)
PodSnack | Competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC)
PodSnack | Compression
PodSnack | Congestion
PodSnack | Connectionless vs. Connection-oriented Communication
PodSnack | Convergence
PodSnack | Content-addressable storage (CAS)
PodSnack | Cyclic redundancy check (CRC)


PodSnack | Data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) and data terminal equipment (DTE)
PodSnack | Data Link Layer
PodSnack | Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS)
PodSnack | Data service unit (DSU) and channel service unit (CSU)
PodSnack | Data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE)
PodSnack | Data warehousing
PodSnack | Datagram
PodSnack | Decibel
PodSnack | Deficit weighted round robin queuing (DWRR)
PodSnack | Default route
PodSnack | Delay
PodSnack | Demilitarized zone (DMZ)
PodSnack | Denial of service (DoS)
PodSnack | Dialed number identification service (DNIS)
PodSnack | DiffServ
PodSnack | Digital
PodSnack | Digital cross-connect system (DCS)
PodSnack | Digital signature
PodSnack | Digital subscriber line (DSL)
PodSnack | Digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM)
PodSnack | Direct inward dialing (DID)
PodSnack | Direct outward dialing (DOD)
PodSnack | Distance vector routing protocols
PodSnack | Disaster recovery planning (DRP)
PodSnack | Disruptive innovation
PodSnack | Domain Name System (DNS)
PodSnack | Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)


PodSnack | Electromagnetic spectrum
PodSnack | Electronic numbering (ENUM)
PodSnack | Email
PodSnack | Email addressing
PodSnack | Encryption
PodSnack | Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
PodSnack | Enveloping
PodSnack | Ethernet
PodSnack | Ethernet addressing
PodSnack | Ethernet over SONET (EoS)
PodSnack | Ethernet virtual connection (EVC)
PodSnack | Excess information rate (EIR)
PodSnack | Extended Superframe (ESF) vs. Superframe (SF)
PodSnack | Extranets vs. Intranets
PodSnack | Extensible Markup Language (XML)


PodSnack | Fast Ethernet
PodSnack | FCAPS
PodSnack | Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
PodSnack | Fiber-to-the-node (FTTN)
PodSnack | Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)
PodSnack | Fiber-to-the-X (FTTX)
PodSnack | Fibre Channel (FC)
PodSnack | Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
PodSnack | Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)
PodSnack | File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
PodSnack | Firewall
PodSnack | First in, first out (FIFO) queue
PodSnack | FECN vs. BECN
PodSnack | Flow control
PodSnack | Four-Fiber Bidirectional Line Switched Ring (4F-BLSR)
PodSnack | Frame relay
PodSnack | Frame
PodSnack | Frame relay access device (FRAD)
PodSnack | Frame relay addressing
PodSnack | Frequency, Amplitude, and Phase
PodSnack | Frequency modulation (FM)
PodSnack | Frequency shift keying (FSK) and amplitude shift keying (ASK)
PodSnack | Frequency vs. Wavelength
PodSnack | Full duplex


PodSnack | Generic Framing Procedure (GRP)
PodSnack | Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)
PodSnack | Graded-index multimode fiber vs. Stepped-index multimode fiber


PodSnack | H.248
PodSnack | Hash function
PodSnack | High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL)
PodSnack | High-level Data Link Control (HDLC)
PodSnack | Host-based vs. Network-based IDS/IPS
PodSnack | Hotspot
PodSnack | Hub (LAN)
PodSnack | Half duplex
PodSnack | Hybrid fiber/coax (HFC)
PodSnack | Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


PodSnack | IEEE Project 802
PodSnack | In-band signaling vs. out-of-band signaling
PodSnack | Incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC)
PodSnack | Information security
PodSnack | Instant messaging (IM)
PodSnack | Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
PodSnack | International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T)
PodSnack | Internet
PodSnack | Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
PodSnack | Internet data center (IDC)
PodSnack | Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
PodSnack | Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4)
PodSnack | Internet Protocol version 5 (IPv5)
PodSnack | Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
PodSnack | Internet service provider (ISP)
PodSnack | Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
PodSnack | Intranets vs. Extranets
PodSnack | Intrusion detection system (IDS)
PodSnack | Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
PodSnack | Inverse multiplexing
PodSnack | Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA)
PodSnack | IP address
PodSnack | IP addressing: Static vs. Dynamic
PodSnack | IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
PodSnack | IP Telephony (IPT) vs. Voice over IP (VoIP)
PodSnack | IP television (IPTV)
PodSnack | IP trunking


PodSnack | Java
PodSnack | Joost


PodSnack | Key system


PodSnack | Label edge router (LER) vs. Label switch router (LSR)
PodSnack | Local access and transport area (LATA)
PodSnack | Layer
PodSnack | Layer 3 switch
PodSnack | Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS)
PodSnack | Line code
PodSnack | Link aggregation
PodSnack | Link state database (LSDB)
PodSnack | Link state routing protocols
PodSnack | Local exchange carrier (LEC)
PodSnack | Local number portability (LNP)
PodSnack | Long distance (LD)
PodSnack | Long distance (LD): Switched vs. Dedicated Access


PodSnack | Mashup
PodSnack | Mean opinion score (MOS)
PodSnack | Media access control (MAC)
PodSnack | MEGACO
PodSnack | Message Digest 5 (MD5)
PodSnack | Metro Ethernet service types
PodSnack | Modem
PodSnack | Modified Final Judgment (MFJ)
PodSnack | MPLS QoS
PodSnack | Modulation
PodSnack | Multicast, broadcast, and unicast
PodSnack | Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP)
PodSnack | Multimode vs. single mode optical fiber
PodSnack | Multiple System Operator (MSO)
PodSnack | Multiplexer
PodSnack | Multiplexing
PodSnack | Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
PodSnack | Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)


PodSnack | Network
PodSnack | Network access control (NAC)
PodSnack | Network Address Translation (NAT) and Network Address Port Translation (NAPT)
PodSnack | Network attached storage (NAS) vs. Storage area network (SAN)
PodSnack | Network Interface Layer
PodSnack | Network interface unit (NIU)
PodSnack | Network Layer
PodSnack | Network management system (NMS)
PodSnack | Network Time Protocol (NTP)
PodSnack | Next generation SONET (NG-SONET)
PodSnack | Noise


PodSnack | Ones density
PodSnack | Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
PodSnack | Optical Carrier (OC) vs. Synchronous Transport Signal (STS)
PodSnack | Optical fiber
PodSnack | Optical network
PodSnack | Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
PodSnack | OSI Reference Model
PodSnack | Out-of-band signaling vs. in-band signaling


PodSnack | Packet
PodSnack | Packet discard
PodSnack | Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) vs. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
PodSnack | Passwords
PodSnack | Phase, Amplitude, and Frequency
PodSnack | Phase shift keying (PSK)
PodSnack | Phishing
PodSnack | Peer-to-peer (P2P) vs. Client/server
PodSnack | Permanent virtual circuit (PVC) vs. Switched virtual circuit (SVC)
PodSnack | Physical Layer
PodSnack | Ping
PodSnack | Podcast
PodSnack | Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
PodSnack | Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)
PodSnack | Power over Ethernet (PoE)
PodSnack | Presentation Layer
PodSnack | Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
PodSnack | PRI vs. T-1
PodSnack | Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
PodSnack | Priority queuing (PQ)
PodSnack | Private branch exchange (PBX)
PodSnack | Private IP addresses
PodSnack | Protocol
PodSnack | Provider Bridging
PodSnack | Proxy server
PodSnack | Public key cryptography (PKC)
PodSnack | Pulse code modulation (PCM)


PodSnack | Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
PodSnack | Quality of service (QoS) vs. Class of service (CoS)
PodSnack | Queuing delay


PodSnack | Radio frequency identification (RFID)
PodSnack | Rating factor
PodSnack | Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
PodSnack | Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
PodSnack | Recovery point objective (RPO) vs. Recovery time objective (RTO)
PodSnack | Redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
PodSnack | Regional Internet Registry (RIR)
PodSnack | Remote Access Dial-In User Server (RADIUS)
PodSnack | Repeater
PodSnack | Robbed-bit signaling
PodSnack | Root name server
PodSnack | Round robin queuing
PodSnack | Router
PodSnack | Routing hierarchy
PodSnack | Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
PodSnack | Routing protocol
PodSnack | Routing table


PodSnack | Secret key cryptography (SKC)
PodSnack | SecurID
PodSnack | Service multiplexing
PodSnack | Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
PodSnack | Session Layer
PodSnack | Shielded twisted pair (STP) vs. unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
PodSnack | Signaling
PodSnack | Signaling rate
PodSnack | Signaling System 7 (SS7)
PodSnack | Subscriber identity module (SIM)
PodSnack | Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
PodSnack | Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
PodSnack | Simplex
PodSnack | Sine wave
PodSnack | Single mode vs. multimode optical fiber
PodSnack | SIP trunking
PodSnack | Skype
PodSnack | Software bug
PodSnack | SONET (and Cows)
PodSnack | Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
PodSnack | Spectrum
PodSnack | Static route
PodSnack | Stepped-index multimode fiber vs. Graded-index multimode fiber
PodSnack | Storage area network (SAN) vs. Network attached storage (NAS)
PodSnack | Store-and-forward switch
PodSnack | Strict priority queuing (SPQ)
PodSnack | Subnet mask
PodSnack | Superframe (SF) vs. Extended Superframe (ESF)
PodSnack | Supply chain management (SCM)
PodSnack | Switch
PodSnack | Switched virtual circuit (SVC) vs. Permanent virtual circuit (PVC)
PodSnack | Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
PodSnack | Synchronous Transport Signal (STS) vs. Optical Carrier (OC)


PodSnack | T-1
PodSnack | T-1 vs. PRI
PodSnack | T-3
PodSnack | Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TA96)
PodSnack | Telephone
PodSnack | Telephone numbers
PodSnack | Telnet
PodSnack | Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS)
PodSnack | Token Ring
PodSnack | Top-level domain (TLD)
PodSnack | Traceroute
PodSnack | Traffic shaping
PodSnack | Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
PodSnack | Transport Layer
PodSnack | Transmuxing
PodSnack | Trojan horse
PodSnack | Trunk
PodSnack | Twisted pair
PodSnack | Two-Fiber Bidirectional Line Switched Ring (2F-BLSR)


PodSnack | Unicast, multicast, and broadcast
PodSnack | Unidirectional path switched ring (UPSR)
PodSnack | Unified messaging
PodSnack | Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
PodSnack | Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
PodSnack | Universal Serial Bus (USB)
PodSnack | Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) vs. shielded twisted pair (STP)
PodSnack | User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


PodSnack | V.35
PodSnack | Variable length subnet mask (VLSM)
PodSnack | Viral
PodSnack | Virtual circuit (VC)
PodSnack | Virtual Concatenation (VCAT)
PodSnack | Virtual LAN (VLAN)
PodSnack | Virtual private network (VPN)
PodSnack | Virtual Tributary (VT)
PodSnack | Viruses vs. Worms
PodSnack | Voice over IP (VoIP) vs. IP Telephony (IPT)


PodSnack | Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)
PodSnack | Wavelength vs. Frequency
PodSnack | Weighted round robin queuing (WRR)
PodSnack | Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
PodSnack | Wi-Fi
PodSnack | Wiki (with a special guest)
PodSnack | WiMAX
PodSnack | Wireless
PodSnack | World Wide Web (WWW)
PodSnack | Worms vs. Viruses


PodSnack | X.25


PodSnack | Zero Code Suppression (ZCS) vs. Binary Eight Zero Substitution (B8ZS)
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