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Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVPLAN) is a Metro Ethernet service type defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum. It describes any E-LAN Metro Ethernet service that permits service multiplexing at the Ethernet user-to-network interface (UNI).

Because E-LAN services implement multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet virtual connections (EVC), this service provides Metro Ethernet with a multipoint service that can support multiple overlapping closed-user groups. For example, a district school system with elementary, middle, and high schools could put on of the high schools on one EVC , all of the middle schools on a second EVC, and all of the elementary schools on a third EVC, using EPLAN services at each school. The district data center and administrative offices could have EVPLAN service and be made a member of all three EVCs without the need for three UNIs.

Because there are multiple EVCs per UNI in an EVPLAN service, the EVCs must be visible to the customer. To do this, the service provider expects customer traffic to have an appropriate 802.1p VLAN tag when submitted. The network will also deliver tagged traffic to that location so that the customer knows which EVC traffic is arriving from.

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